Shelby2When you say the word Las Vegas, images and impressions jump to mind. Of course, number one plus on the list is gambling, gambling, gambling. Next would be Las Vegas showgirls, and then well known show business performers. Actually, there are several other Las Vegas attractions and activities that can be enjoyed in the daylight. Many Las Vegas hotels have lavish and elaborate swimming pools. There you can have a relaxing swim or just simply hang out and people watch or read a book, never having to think about losing money gambling. Other ways to spend your time in Las Vegas are a rock star for a day fantasy camp. Another way to relax is to get a spa treatment at the MGM Grand Pool and Spa Complex. Back in the day, Las Vegas was a prime area for nuclear testing. There is actually a National Atomic Testing Museum.

Las Vegas Night Life

Of course the hub of Las Vegas night life are the lavish and varied casinos and casino hotels. Then there are the stand alone concert venues, some within Casino grounds, not to mention the halls that feature risque showgirl reviews. Let's face it, Las Vegas has earned its nickname, Sin City. And the what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas tag line. Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Okay, there are the primary reasons for visiting Las Vegas. One that might be somewhat overlooked is a staple of Americana on the steamy side, the bachelor party. Yes, the doomed American male's last fling before being dragged into the pit of matrimony. Maybe that sounds a little harsh. We mostly go into marriage loving your spouse, and hoping to raise a happy and healthy family. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out on the soon to be a groom's last night of freedom. Bachelor parties can range anywhere between mild drinking and testimonials, or maybe attending a sports event, to over the top, drug abusing, stripper-filled, hooker-filled Roman Empire style raunchiness that might end with fist fights and arrests. The extreme behavior aside, if you really want to do up a bachelor party to the max, coming to Nevada to have a Las Vegas bachelor party has to be the best way to go.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

If you're looking for the all out, fun-filled Las Vegas bachelor party experience, it can be done by us in a big time manner. We can offer you a package that can dazzle and captivate the groom and his assortment of buddies to the maximum. To begin the Las Vegas bachelor party experience we can provide you with several dinner options at some of the best restaurants Las Vegas has to offer. If you have the cash, and the number of guests, you can reserve a VIP room, or just a block of tables. Some places can offer unlimited beer, or a certain number of wine bottles as a part of the dinner package. Also included is a limo service for the groom and his party that will whisk you from venue to venue in the true Las Vegas bachelor party style. The evening can begin to heat up with a trip to high end, yet intimate night clubs that may not have the splash strip artists, but can provide you with professional fun music acts designed to get a party going with upbeat tracks and vocal stylings. The cap to an evening is an excursion to a fabulous strip club that goes beyond the quality of venue you might experience in your home town. You will be taken aback by the size of the club, the classy decor, variety and quality of beverages, and the number of dancers performing at one time. Back to the dancers, oh those Las Vegas strippers. They are simply the best. They are Las Vegas sex goddesses. They are as hot as any super model or Hollywood actress. They can match them in looks, and are much better, sexier dancers. These Las Vegas strippers don't just dance for the money. They dance because they love it, want to outshine their co-workers, please their customers and earn the highest tips possible. There are private VIP dancers available for the lucky groom. Once you've been up close and personal with a Las Vegas stripper you'll never be the same again.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Our company can provide a bevy of Las Vegas strippers for your bachelor party. We have experienced sexy dancers as refined as the beautiful and alluring as Las Vegas escorts, and can turn up the heat as high as any workers at Las Vegas brothels. You can hire one or more strippers to perform at your Las Vegas bachelor party. We can tailor our Las Vegas bachelor party packages to meet your desires. Costumes can be tailored to fit the desires of your Las Vegas bachelor party ideas. Dancers can come dressed to the nines in a variety of sexy outfits like a nurse, school teacher, athlete, or cop. Can you imagine a hotter than hot nurse that comes in and takes tour temperature, only to decide that you're not hot enough. So she pushes you down in a chair, flashes her boobs, and then gives you a bouncing lap dance. Think of a busty teacher with a pony tail and glasses. When you can't answer a question correctly you have bend over and take a few whacks from a yard still. She makes it all better by rubbing her butt against yours as she dances up a storm. The possibilities are endless for your Las Vegas bachelor party. Call us and we'll be sure to make it happen with one of our Las Vegas bachelor party packages.

Just Go One on One

You're a decent enough guy with a decent enough job. You're on the verge of marrying a great girl. You talk her into letting you go to Vegas alone to have one semi-wild experience in the vein of a bachelor party. You get there and don't know what to do until you see an ad on the internet for private hotel Las Vegas strippers. You wonder what type of stripper to ask about. An old childhood memory pops into your head. Mrs Smith, your well build third grade teacher that had big boobs, wore tight sweaters and high heels, had once spanked your ass really hard for talking back to her. You hated the pain, but loved that she placed her hand on your butt. You eventually open your hotel room door and there is a shapely blonde in a school teacher's suit coat and a very short skirt. She says she heard you wanted to be spanked before she dances. You say yes, and she pulls out a ping pong paddle. The first time she hits you is hard enough for you to scream, "ouch." For the best in Las Vegas bachelor party ideas, to get great packages designed to please, call us, and it all can be arranged. 


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